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Woodclip has choiced a very high polymer quality It presents a remarkable technical properties (in particular of breaking strength, variations in temperature, shock-proof, deformation…)

Comparison Woodclip' Polymer/POM

Melting point
Softenning t°
140 à 165°C
10 à 20%
Modulate Inflection
2200 Mpa
2400 à 2900 Mpa


The Woodclip System has been tested by the CTBA
"Technical Center of Wood and Furniture"
Tests n° 02/PC/PHY/87 - 01 /PC/PHY/155/407

The behavior of the Woodclip' system has been evaluated by the means of these measurements
  Length of the flooring
Play between slats
lay between slats on the right of the composite material mount
Slat's warping
Slat's width
Watering Cycle
  The slats are watered during 15 days, 24h on 24h (2l/mn), to obtain the saturation of wood
Drying cycle
  The slats are subjected to an infra-red radiation (cycle of 24 hours, repeated during 28 days).
Temperature of 85°C (+ - 5°C) on a black plate.