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  Woodclip and its partners are committed to producing quality wooden products which are environmentally friendly and useful for everyone.

Our goal is to meet the applicable environmental laws to protect our environment. We use timber extracted properly from the forest maintained under the sustained-yield program.

To a long lasting deck....

Choice of wood

Ipe Lapacho, Teak, Itauba, Padauk, Merbau... a large choice of wood selected because of their special qualities, now and for a long time.

• 100 % clear-wood decking (no knots, no sap-wood)
• Contains no dangerous chemicals
• Highly resistant to fungus, mould and termites
• Very dsense and durable wood (hardwood)
• More than 3 times stronger than for example, redwood, pine, fir wood deck.



Light coulour only with maximum homogeneity.

To provide the best quality and reduce the risk of warping we provide you with 3.75 or 3.94 inches slat width, 0.78 or 0.87 in slat thickness and 6.56 feet lontg.

Artificial drying in industrial drier at 10 to 12% hygrometry (oven-dried)

After removal from the drier, the wood must rest for 10 days. During this time, a slight increase of humidity is possible, but in any case it should not exceed 16%.


Our Slats are pre-grooved tho accept the Woodclip system.
We cut the grooves on both edges of the entire lenght of the slat.
Fine polish, untreated finishing.

Each wood board will be verified before packing.
The wood boards will be packed by groups.
Each group will be wrapped with a plastic film to protect it from humidity.

We take in considération the environmental priorities into the production starting from extraction of timber from and the well maintained rain forest, transportation, cutting, design of products, services and facilities, packing and shipping.

Recycling is part of our company's everyday life. We always find out the ways to recycle our wastes. Our recycle program includes saw dust and pieces of cut wood.