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The design of the Woodclip mount means that a terrace can be laid by one person working alone. The job is made significantly easier and there is a considerable saving of time. The wooden slats joined by the mounts form a unified, homogeneous whole, resulting in a strong and even floor.
The mount is screwed to the backing strips that form the framework. It interlocks with the lateral surfaces of the pre-machined wooden slats.

Dismantling part of a terrace, the wooden slats will remain unchanged, allowing re-use.

Various types of possible installations

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wooden frame
metallic frame
contact system
flat roof

The Woodclip mount has many functions:

fixes and anchors the slats to their backings
joins adjacent slats
prevents sideways movements
gives automatically a perfect and regular width, which allows free circulation of air and natural play of the wood and follows the wood’s movements and size changes.